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    Luxury Replica Franck Muller V32QZDCDCODR5ND-R V32QZDCDCODR5ND-R watch

    Case Material: rose gold, diamond-set
    Brand Name: Franck Muller
    Movement: quartz
    Case size : 32 x 42.3mm
    Dial : diamond set, Color Dreams numbers
    Bracelet Strap: alligator leather with protective rubber lining
    Glass: Sapphire
    Model Number: V32QZDCDCODR5ND-R

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    swiss Graham Chronofighter watches replica The Graham Silverstone GMT came in a black or silver dial; I chose the silver. The dial is a nice shade of silver that is surprisingly easy to read, but I’m getting ahead of myself.

    The Graham GMT starts with a beautifully fully polished stainless steel case that measures the aforementioned 42mm (actually 41.9mm) without the screwdown crown; 45.5mm with the crown included. The case is shaped with a nice rounding to the case sides and nifty curved down lugs that help the watch hug the wrist.

    Believe me, they did not skimp in the manufacture of this case, although the screwdown crown is a curiosity for two reasons. Why on earth use a screwdown crown on a watch rated at only 50 meters of water resistance? Seems silly to me. Also, the crown is incredibly plain, it is not signed nor does it have any distinctive features, like a larger size, deep knurls, etc. I would have liked a nicely signed crown to compliment the unique look of this watch.

    The caseback is brushed and polished stainless steel on the outer edge and is a display type held in place by 6 small screws. The very nicely finished movement is easily examined through the caseback with a totally cool signed black rotor.

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