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  • Get Luscious, Full and Attractive Lips with the most Advanced Treatments


    Do you admire celebrities for their plump and luscious lips? Fuller lips have become a desired and much sought after treatment, preferred by models, actors and celebrities, to enhance their beauty. Now, with advanced technologies and treatments, these curvy and sensuous lips are not just available to celebrities, they have become more accessible and affordable, to the general population. These days millions of women are investing in lip augmentation Perth to customize their lip appearance accordingly.

    Before getting lip enhancement treatments it is important to have a thorough consultation with your Doctor. At lip augmentation Perth, you will be able to talk to an experienced Cosmetic Doctor, and a treatment plan will be tailored to your specific requirements. With this in mind, there are a myriad of benefits from choosing a professional, qualified, specialist to administer your lip treatments.

    • You can customize them:

    You can get major or minor transformation on your lips, according to your preference.Many women prefer a more natural enhancement for their lips, whereas others may opt for a more extreme transformation. This process has a minimal amount of pain; also this lip rejuvenation Perth is the safest method to pucker up your lips in the most beautiful way.

    • Builds-up self confidence:

    A person’s appearance can have a great impact on his or her self esteem; and many women desire having full, luscious lips. With lip augmentation, a woman can achieve greater self confidence, which will then positively impact on all aspects of her daily life.

    • Instantly plump lips:

    Lip augmentation is a quick procedure that can even be done in your lunch break. Most treatments are usually completed within 30 minutes, and the client can return to their usual duties immediately. The result of the treatment is instant, and will last up to a year.

    • Fast recovery:

    You can resume your normal activities just after the treatment is completed. Using the best products on the market, there is minimal pain and swelling treatment during, and after, the lip augmentation. There is minimal aftercare, so you can just focus on facing the world with renewed self confidence and self-esteem.

    If you are planning for a lip augmentation, then you must consult with DrTandra Paul. She is a specialized and experienced cosmetic doctor in Perth who is passionate about aesthetic medicine and loves helping her clients to achieve more beautiful, youthful and natural features.She offers a wide range of aesthetic treatments, including, midface restoration, cheek volume enhancement, wrinkle relaxants, and much more.

    About DrTandra Paul:

    DrTandra Paul is an experienced and qualified cosmetic doctor. DrTandra Paul and her team works with determination and loyalty to give you the most appealing appearance. They offer the most premium treatments for lip enhancement Perth.

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