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    Space and time sculpture first glance, the UR-103 looks like a carved block, with a winged aerodynamic shape and a top crown carving like a Doric column. At the same time, this case (which caused the Brancusi sculpture and the spacecraft) had a large opening at the bottom. Hours are displayed on a cone-shaped satellite, moving from small to large in order from right to left. When it disappears, another satellite appears after it, indicating the following travel time.

    The basic principle is the same as UR-101, except that the satellite is not only partially visible, but now there are four instead of two. In the form of a cone, each of these satellites is based on the principles of the Maltese cross and contains three numbers: 1,5, the ninth satellite; two, six, twelve; three, seven, eleven; 4, 4 and 12 on the 4th satellite. They are supported by the center, made of titanium ultra-light rail cross, driven by the wheel, to ensure the perfect distribution of energy and weight. The system is powered by a manual winding movement with a Geneva Geneva pattern. Vibration of 21,600 times per hour (3 Hz), power reserve 43 hours. The additional substrate of the system is made of selected highly stable and tensionless black ARCAP material to ensure high accuracy. The back of the watch can be accessed directly by opening with a titanium screw.

    The control panel on the back of the 5-level titanium case on the watch is the world's first watch: the control panel. This diagnostic center - through the wearer wearing the machine on his wrist state - directly inspired by the remarkable particularity of the ancient ocean chronograph. These old instruments represent many features that are not used every day, so they are placed on the back of the chronograph. In the UR-103, the control panel displays three indicators under the sapphire crystal: a small second hand, a 15 minute opponent and a power reserve indicator hand.HYT replica watches

    The wearer can also correct the watch to the nearest second by using the fourth component located on the back and verify its accuracy. Directly under the small second hand, the fourth element is located in the engraved engraved scale above the correction screw. By turning this fine-tuning screw, you can advance or delay your watch within 24 hours. The stability of the device is ensured by direct coupling with the adjustment mechanism of the movement. Excellent first in the world.

    For its wearer, the UR-103 brings a new space and poetic scale for reading time, which seems to be the route of the sun above the horizon. Intuitively, the wearer visually "feels" the number of minutes passed and the remaining numbers. By imagining four cone satellites, FélixBaumgartner offers designer Martin Frei the possibility to place hours on both sides of the satellite. Not only the size of the number has improved, and the field of vision is also true Even if the watch is in the horizontal position, the number will be directed towards the wearer's eyes, which means that no longer need to turn the watch to read the time. This also applies to checking the time of the UR-103 when the hand is running on the steering wheel.replica Richard Mille RM 011 Le Mans Classic watch

    Last but not least, there is no sign of a large area on the open space where the original decoration is placed. Therefore, this UR-103 'sculpture' can be carved or decorated at will. At the 2003 Basel Exhibition, UR-103 will undergo a series of subtle and thorough changes over the years in commercial launch.

    As the satellite mechanism is so charming, the two creators gradually expose their secrets. Two years after UR-103.01 was born, UR-103.03 appeared in 2005. Its large area to large U form to open, part of the display hours of satellite. Although the beginning looks very simple, in fact, it is very complicated to create. There is no such sapphire crystal of this size and form, so it is necessary to develop new technologies to make this transparent "canopy", which will make most of the satellite technology visible.

    Martin Frei first hesitated to open the crystal, because it would violate the brand's sacred inviolability of the simple philosophy, but in the end he won the idea. It will also make them on the surface of the watch to create a scratch can be a large space. The cockpit opening also gives this undeniable mechanical strength and replica watches