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    URWERK UR-202 Turbine Automatic as well as UR-202S Full Metal Sweater

    URWERK's strong and innovative product UR-202, the challenger of contemporary excellent watchmaking, has allowed this to climb another optimum in watchmaking.

    URWERK's new and incredible product features a unique branded rotating satellite time sign and an innovative automatic gathering system. Introducing the UR-202 Turbine Automatic watch...

    Twin turbine 
    The UR-202 is the tallest 3g base station first watch to use water dynamics to control the auto winding speed. As early as the actual eighteenth century, high-end see technicians used air ability control the speed of the bells, and this technology became preferred method of controlling the speed on the watch.

    URWERK has traditionally relied about air resistance on the UR-202 and further refined it in a means of controlling the rate associated with self-winding. Instead of the traditional twisting blades of the past, a pair of extremely sophisticated micro-turbines, the particular micro air compressors, is so visible on the back of the watch.

    The UR-202's twin-turbo and automatic oscillating bodyweight are connected together. Typically the turbine absorbs vibrations in accordance with the preset position of the selectivo switch. In daily activities, they might slow the violent procedure of the oscillating weight and lessen gear loss. Extends living of the movement. review replica zenith pilot watches

    The position with the selector switch can be fixed at any time. The three basic roles are: normal motion point out - free swing from the oscillating weight; intense movement state - air weight caused by turbine rotation lowers the automatic winding rate by about 35%; extreme action state - - The two turbine and the oscillating excess weight are locked and can not operate.

    Often the turbine system is fully put in in the waterproof case. The actual airflow flows out of the generator, directing it up, passing within the sapphire glass and succeeding the holes into the mini air chamber.

    The three-time position selectivo switch controls turbine operations and selectively controls typically the flow of air through the meter, which affects often the pressure level of the folded air.

    The particular rotating turbine compresses surroundings through the small holes in the micro air chamber, and also the selector switch controls how much air coming out of the wind turbine. By reducing the air movement and increasing the air force, the turbine and one are decelerated.

    Rotating satellite time signal function 
    The URWERK patent's rotating satellite period indication function indicates moment by telescopic minute arms in three orbiting dish and directv structures. 
    The telescopic minute hand tip consistently adjusts its length down the 0-14, 15-44, and 45-60 three-part minute mark traces to indicate the minute time. As soon as the pointer is extended, some time can be accurately displayed about the UR-202's large, easy-to-read face; when the pointer is rolled away, they can be hidden in a case that is certainly easy to wear and of the correct size. luxury replica richard mille rm 038 watches

    Typically the patented rotary transmission gadget is a key component of a fancy two-dimensional satellite indicating composition that acts not only for the rotation of the satellite hours indication but also on the purpose of the entire retractable small hand.

    Often the manufacture of rotating facility shafts requires extremely specific machining standards and intricate machining techniques. Many portions of the rotary conveyor need to have a machining deviation regarding less than 1/1, 000 milimeter.

    UR-202 techie characteristics 
    Available in white gold, rose gold, african american PE-CVD platinum and AlTiN 
    R 7. 02 movement; self-winding, the world's first twin-turbo control system 
    Rotary two-dimensional dish complex indication function; included retractable minute hand; celestial satellite phase display; day/night clue 
    fortyfive. 7mm x 43. 5mm x 15mm; micro-blasted; silk matte finish with real titanium on the back. 
    ARCAP P40. The rotary transfer unit is cut with a precious stone milling cutter. The hour or so and minute hands tend to be shown with a SuperLumiNova layer. 
    Face: hour and minute; celestial body overhead phase display; day/night indicator.


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    UR-202S full metallic case watch

    Since the establishment of URWERK, the work has always been accompanied by a leather-based strap. URWERK creative custom made Martin Frei said: " I really like the timeless and also noble personality of the natural leather strap, and the combination of each of our ultra-modernist watch design as well as the classic leather strap, but concurrently I am also a person who enjoys solid design. So we made this all-metal UR-202S along with fitted it with a steel chain. "

    The UR-202, generally known as the Hammerhead, is reborn with an all-metal case in addition to chain. This watch ended up being successfully developed thanks to the actual cooperation between URWERK plus the advanced chain manufacturer Maspoli.

    Since 1951, Maspoli has been inseparable from your fine watchmaking and is centered on the production of metal chain devices. Mr. Maspoli and Mister. Moscatello managed the business while using enthusiasm of craftsmen. Any time URWERK invited them to help make only 50 high-end tailor made chain, they seized a chance to create a different product. " wholesale replica watches for sale

    Mr.. Maspoli poured his 43 years of experience into this kind of project. " The beliefs of URWERK is very comparable to us in all aspects, and we are usually deeply attracted to it. Each of our common goal is to make a Rolls-Royce chain. We no longer make any compromises. The many parts, and the making of the The tools for the parts are produced by us. This sequence has 11 steps to obtain the required refinement. Only 25 of the 22 links to each of your chain are the same, ” Mister. Maspoli is proud of.

    UR-202S - " S" stands for " Stripe", along with the eye-catching vertical stripes within the dial make it unique compared to other 200 series watches. The actual creation of the first five-axis CNC machine purchased by simply URWERK enabled this generation. This new machine allows URWERK to produce 80% of the UR-202S's own parts. Felix Baumgartner said: " We terribly lack a large number of watches produced each and every year. This new machine is a major investment for us, but the flexibleness and quality control that brings us is invaluable. " All complex components, which include platinum components, central turntables, telescopic pointers and all the particular complex components of the satellite television structure can be made by URWERK. replica Patek Philippe Twenty 4 watches price